Sandeep believes that everyone should break free from the boundaries of being a tourist and transform into a Traveler! Before founding Go Wild, he spent a number of years knowing and learning the laws of nature. With an exceptional ability to sit still for hours, he has captured several shots of rare species of wildlife. Sandeep is a bold and innovative person with a true zeal for wildlife and photography - especially Indian wildlife. Traveling with the strong urge of conservation, there is a lot more than a photographer inside our valiant leader. Wildlife photography being his core interest, the images on this website are from his most treasured image collection!

Mangesh! You will hardly find him in office. He is a travel bug! Continuously on the wheels, Mangesh has explored almost every destination in India and Sri Lanka. Before starting his ever going road trips, he studied electronics engineering completed MBA and then worked with Mahindra group before moving into wildlife. With constant wish to make everyone travel and witness the beauty of nature, he took a leap into the world of wildlife tourism, wildlife photography and has a special eye for videography. Blessed with ability of understanding people and their requirements, he is the best person to consult for tailor-made holidays!

All good things come in small packages.. Here’s an Exception! With his vast knowledge of history, Nikhilesh happens to be the best leader during trekking. We call him ‘The Time Machine’ of Go Wild. Imagine yourself on a fort, listening to Niki’s narrations; He unfolds the historical events in such a way that you feel like you are actually witnessing all that!! Always on the wheels exploring the serene destinations, he is the powerhouse of energy.

Fascinated by nature from childhood, Swaroop chose the path of environmental studies and completed her Post Graduation in the same subject. Fortunate to have encouraging family, she has travelled to most of the provinces of India, Sunderbans being her favorite! When not travelling, Swaroop also looks after the administrative work of Go Wild. When not working, you will find her at an animal orphanage, nursing injured animals. That’s the place she finds peace at! An interesting person to interact with!

What would you do if you are baffled between what to choose from: wildlife or tourism, both being your massive interests? Shivaee says “If you are really confused, accomplish both!!’ And she herself has done it! She has vast knowledge of wildlife and has also studied Travel and Tourism to pursue her passion for India! This classic blend makes Shivaee the best ever person to take suggestions for selection of your tour! She has the answer for almost everything! Very particular with everything she does, she looks after the accounts and finance of Go Wild. So, if you wish to avail any group discounts, you know whom to consult now!

An enthusiastic traveler and an ardent explorer, Ashlesha believes that ‘Life is short and the World is wide, so why waste time’. She is a keen observer and, her thirst for knowledge and adventure has led her to many places. She is someone who has unwavering resolve and calm determination to produce the best of anything. Shes a true perfectionist and has vast stores of general knowledge.

As the name suggests, Rasika is an art-lover. She is a classical dancer and her love for art has taken her even closer to the nature. Travelling is her passion and a trip to the forest is always welcome. She loves taking camps, especially kids’ camps and educating people about the diverse birdlife. A keen observer, hardly any movement misses her roving eye. Rasika is a good organizer; with her around, you are sure to have a blend of good learning and fun. She is a translator by profession and works with German and Dutch languages since the past 15 years. Last but not the least, she also comperes various events as a hobby and was the comperer for the first Go Wild event last year.








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