Civil Engineer
Sandeep is the energy source of Travelor. Always exploring, whether it be new places or hobbies, he is dynamic, humble and down-to-earth. He loves spending time with children and elders. Travelling and photography means the world to him, even more than cricket. The founder and director of Travelor will undoubtedly fill your trip with laughter, awe and incomparable memories.

MBA in Marketing, BE in Electronics
The ambitious and driven, Mangesh is a force in the work space. He loves photography, food and wildlife, and loves what he does with all his heart. Although restless and always up on his feet doing something, he is the ‘people’s person’. Equipped with an absolute presence of mind, he will make sure you make the most of your trip.

Masters in History, MBA in HR, Diploma in Computers
Nikhilesh, also called Niki, is the goofball of our team. Let’s just say if you go a trip with him, you won’t feel like coming back home. At the core of his heart lies, travelling, trekking and expeditions. Which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our Niki here is a certified Scuba Diver. His love for history, remote places and food make him who he is. Since he considers Ladakh as his second home, he’s the one you go to for all your adventure cravings.

BA in Psychology, and Post-graduation in Travel Tourism
The quiet and sweet Shivaee loves taking care of people. She has been traveling since her childhood and hence her love for it is boundless. She also enjoys reading fiction and trying new cuisines. Excellent at communications and management, she is an ambivert who will look after you like family.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Commerce Graduate, MBA in Production A lover of sci-fi films and historical books, Kedar is the motivational leader of our team. He enjoys his precious alone time and secretly loves studying people. He has spent a good 10 to 15 years in building machines according to applications and later trying his hand at marketing. Regardless to say, he is the most versatile in the team and will always be up to help anybody in need.

After making his mark in the world of Automobiles; Shantanu is indeed ready to throw himself back at nature. Heading into the wild is in our routine but expanding its boundaries to unseen levels is something we are hope to achieve with his business oriented personality. Whether it’s a life that is being run on wheels on roads or a life on quadruped in jungles; his experience to collage human beings from different backgrounds and culture he constantly proves to be a perfect fit for overlooking our Overseas Business Development.

Aniket’s love for wildlife and especially the tiger is unparalleled. When his  not volunteering with various organisations, or working with communities for tribal development, he can be found having a go at the ground with a football. He quit his corporate lifestyle to come to the wild side and now feels bonded to it for life. In fact if given a chance, he’d work with forest communities till the end of time!

BA - Marathi Literature
Manisha loves travelling as much as she loves food and music. A trip to Kerala was all it took for her to fall in love with travelling. She enjoys learning new things and developed a fascination for birds and tigers since joining Go Wild. When asked about her future, travel is all she sees!

BSc in Computer Science
Kalyani is a happy-go lucky butterfly of the team. Always smiling and always willing to help, she’s the person you go to for all the answers to your questions added with a little fun! She loves spending time with children and easily mixes with them. Confident and an explorer, she’ll surely make you feel right at home.

BCom, Post-graduation Diploma in Foreign Trade, French Certification Kartiki is a go-getter full of life and love for what she does. She likes meeting new people and gels well with the team. Wanting to explore new cultures made her want to travel more. She loves music, cooking, reading and sleeping. Always busy yet reliable, Kartiki will extend her help whenever you need it.

Electrical Engineering
Dhanuja loves trekking and travelling as much as she loves food. Always ready for an adventure, she is quite spontaneous and you can always count on her for activities that give you an adrenaline rush. Although not talkative she loves being around people and getting to know them. Her love for trekking is what sets her apart from the rest of our team.

Pursuing BA - LLB
Amiable and enthusiastic, Simran is quite possibly the powerhouse of our team. She loves reading Greek mythology and enjoys craft in her free time. For her, traveling is an escape from reality, and she values that very much. Fond of independence, food and music, you will definitely find a friend in her.

Known as the “biscuit girl” as a child, Shlesha loves animals and feeding them. You are most likely to hear the most of her because amongst the team, she loves talking a lot. She is bold, confident and portrays strength in all its aspects. Interested in history and a lover of Indian culture, she likes exploring places as a local rather than a tourist. Shlesha always tries to have fun wherever she is and no matter what your problem is, you can always count on her help.

BCom, Pursuing Post-graduation
The dreamer of our team, always lost in his own world when not working. Sachin is the epitome of peace. With a face that’s plastered with a constant smile, he’s the least adventurous amongst others. He loves dogs and books and math. What’s surprising is his theatre skills. Our boy here loves acting above everything else.








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