Children are the future of any society, who if moulded properly can shape a nation’s future. India is lucky to have a huge youth population overflowing with energy and that indomitable spirit which only youth can bring forth with it. If channeled correctly, they can go a long way to become symbols of success. We hope to play a small but nevertheless an important role towards developing your child’s personality. With our innovative seminars and slide-shows on various topics ranging from wildlife to adventure & from photography to environment, we wish to infuse in children the great joys of the outdoors, basics regarding conservation and the problems afflicting us. Our experts are more than willing to come to your schools, colleges or organizations and give everything they have!

Our voluntary activities:

 Tree plantation and orientation drives: Ever wondered why the eucalyptus tree is hardly ever home to bird nests while trees like the jamun and the mango have scores of them? Why some trees grow well when planted together, each helping the other grow? Practical answers to all these questions and many more would be provided by us. Our volunteers also help in tree plantations on your farmhouse/garden,etc. Together, let’s make a greener world!

 Slide-shows and talks in schools and colleges: Introducing young children to the mesmerizing world out there, generating in them a passion for the wild, re-igniting the dormant spirit of adventure present in such generous amounts is not as tough as it looks! Actually, it’s just a call away! Our instructors are ever-ready to interact with your students, the GO WILD way!

 We conduct slide-shows and powerpoint presentations at social dos, birthday parties too. A wildlife themed birthday party for your beloved child is not a bad idea, is it?

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