A tranquil hill-station surrounded by evergreen forests and canopied hills, snuggled in the placid southern ranges of the Sahyadris; this beautiful place offers magnificent views of the sweeping valley. The best season to visit Amboli is the monsoon, when the surroundings are painted in hues of green and a mystical mist hangs around the entire town, which gives one the feeling that time has stopped!! Only if it really could!! Once you visit this place, you will want to stay here forever.
           For those nature-lovers, Amboli offers a platter full of butterflies and moths, birds, amphibians, insects and reptiles. A must-visit place for everybody - tourists, nature-lovers and photographers alike!! The best way to explore this dreamland is on foot because that’s the way you remain closest to the nature. Not only that, the simple but delicious local cuisine makes your stay a memorable one. Come and embrace the Amboli magic!

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