If ever there was a jungle that would put Paradise to shame, this is it! With breathtaking landscapes of the great Shivalik ranges, vast meadows straight out of a Hollywood country flick, dense woods and rivers meandering peacefully through the changing terrains, Corbett is a day dreamer’s fantasy! It wasn’t for nothing that its magnificence was awarded by making it India’s first national park in 1932.
           Named after the legendary Jim Corbett, the long dusty paths and the lush, green forests still echo the hushed footsteps of the great man! Jim Corbett lived in these mighty foothills of the Shivaliks, he hunted and conserved and in the process paved the way for India’s conservation success!
           A few days in this rich land is sure to leave you more contented than ever. A drowsy feeling of bliss and tranquillity creeps through your veins, ultimately putting you in a trance. And when you reach back home you realize the overwhelming power of nature. Corbett makes you a happier human being.
          IF THIS IS NOT ENOUGH , The beast with black and orange stripes cooling itself in a small stream on a hot summer’s afternoon has put many people in pangs of uncontrollable excitement! You could be one of them!

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