Have you ever imagined yourself exploring a serene area at 4000 m altitude or walking through thick snow with the temperatures dropping to -30 °C? Ever dreamt of searching for wildlife in these areas which you probably have never heard of or catching a glimpse of the elusive yet mystical SNOW LEOPARD? Yes, this time we are really GOing WILD, taking you on this journey through the thick snow, cold temperatures and some adrenaline rush! A journey to witness a number of species like Wooly Hare, Red Fox, Blue Sheep, Ibex, Tibetan Wolf, Golden Eagle and the highlight of the tour, "The Ghost Of The Mountains", the Snow Leopard.
           Only a few have been lucky to spot this ever-elusive cat, so kiss your lucky charms, gather all your best wishes and come with us on an epic journey that will leave you enchanted forever !

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