Welcome to the Land of the Tiger!! Spread over an area of approx. 625 sq.km., the Tadoba National Park, the oldest and the largest national park in Maharashtra, is a fine blend of deciduous forest and rolling hills. The name Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve has a twofold significance. Legend has it that Tadoba or Taru was a village chief, who was killed in a mythological encounter with a tiger. Today Taru is worshipped as the local deity. Thus, the park derives its name from “Taru”, whereas Andhari is the name of the river that meanders through the forest, thus giving the sanctuary its name.  
           Although this ‘Jewel of the Vidarbha’ is aptly referred as the magical land of Tigers, it hosts many other species in abundance – Sloth bears, Civets, Leopards, Sambhar, Indian Gaur and many others. Of course, the greatest attraction is spotting a tiger amongst the dense woodlands and bamboo thickets!! This forest is also known for its varied flora. For those interested ‘botanists’, teak is the pre-dominant species besides other deciduous trees such as Ain, Bija, Salai, Tendu, Hirda and Beheda. The Palas or ‘Flame of the Forest’ makes the forest come alive with its rich and vibrant colors!
           Come and get enchanted….. Forever!!

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