Hi folks,

Below is my experience about my Go-Wild Experience:

       My First ever wild life trip and first ever Go-Wild experience: truly amazing. Each moment of our trip was full of fun as well as learning. The team makes sure that you make the best out of the trip, may it be during safari or be it during evenings, where they get you involved in games and also conduct sessions all based on nature.

       People from every age group enjoy their Go-wild experience. The pre and post camp meetings they arrange are the best way to know your co-campers and to show your hidden photography skills.

       If you wish to get closest to nature with everything you want to know about it, Go wild would be my strong recommendation. This is all with not an extra penny spent except your paid fees!!

       Keep doing the great job and keep us updated on your every next trip:)

       I could have easily written many more lines, but that might put an impression that I am paid for this feedback.

Many thanks,


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Hi guys,

The trip to kanha was memorable..The activities held by the Go wild group were just awesome which included the ice breaker game,documentary screening.. personally the thing which I enjoyed the most was the documentary screening, playing lagori and the sighting of a leopard walking on the road...really enjoyed a lot .. The accomodation and the food was good..Would really like to join you for your next venture ...

Many thanks,


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Dear GO WILD team,

We would like to THANK YOU all for making our Kanha Safari experience a memorable one. Great choice of resort and expert guides and drivers. Looking forward to the next SAFARI...

Anushree Rahul

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The Tiger statue outside 'Go Wild's' pune office is inviting all nature lovers to the BIG CATs home... THE JUNGLE!!! Thinking of the same I entered the office and visited Kanha and Kabini with my family, our first jungle tours. The aim of a vacation trip is to have good time for recreation or leisure. The Go Wild's tours are well balanced of both. That makes your vacation a memorable one. When my 4 year old daughter asks : "Mamma, when are we going to Kanha again?" conveys the enjoyment she had on the tour. The team is really a WILD one, with each one king of his field. This team makes you to GO WILD literally !! :) The safaries and the photography courses helped me to nurture my photography skills. Many wishes to the Go Wild team for future and looking forward to be a part of many more activites.

- Shailesh S. Deshpande

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